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CoziRose Founders Sulare Rose, Malissa Cozier, and Marissa Alert


CoziRose is a jewelry company that caters to people with non-pierced and pierced ears and is committed to empowering women of all ages to live boldly and authentically. The statement pieces we create are as unique as those for whom they were created. Our accessories provide a poetic and artistic medium for people to tell the stories of their struggles and successes in life. These earrings are for those with a sophisticated and bold style. We like to think of them as conversational pieces. 

 The creators of this brand are the daughters of three sisters. This cousin trio struggled to find sophisticated, bold, non-pierced earrings to suit their style. So they decided to solve that problem by creating their own line. They bring their unique perspectives into each design.


Our Mission

"Women of color occupy only 11.9 percent of managerial and professional positions. And of those women, 5.3 percent are African American, 2.7 percent are Asian American, and 3.9 percent are Latina.” (Center for American Progress, 2018)

 Our mission is to provide financial support to non-profit organizations grooming and developing the next generation of women of color leaders. 

To support this mission, we currently donate 3% of our profits to our partner, Sister Mentors


CoziRose CEO Sulare Rose

Sulare Rose, PhD, CEO is a wife, mother, professor, and translational researcher in communication sciences and disorders. She believes that people not only communicate with their voice but with what they wear. And a pair of earrings can speak volumes! This belief was the inspiration behind creating the empowering prose behind each earring.  


CoziRose CPO Malissa Cozier 

Malissa, B.S, is the  CPO. Malissa brings a unique perspective to our team. Her expertise fosters patience and diligence, ensuring that every product we deliver maintains the highest standards of quality. Beyond her qualifications, her artistry and creativity are truly inspiring. She pours her passion into every design, aiming to create pieces that resonate with each and every one of our customers. 


CoziRose COO Malissa Alert 

Marissa Alert, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist, consultant and speaker. She loves fashion that pushes boundaries like she does both personally and professionally. Nothing inspires her more than seeing women grow, thrive, and live life to the fullest on their terms. She is daring and passionate with a deep desire to bring her enthusiasm for life and style to the brand.  With a flare for adventure and structure, Marissa brings the perfect combination to the team as COO


We hope you enjoy our collection!

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