Earrings For Non-pierced
And Pierced Ears

Dare To Live Boldly
You Make it Work

You’re able to make magic happen and create beauty and meaning out of simplicity. Even when things don’t seem to fit together, you make it work.

Living Outside the Box

You don’t strive to fit into any box but aspire to live outside of it. You’re different. You’re beautiful. You do things your way and that's ok! Continue to be true to yourself.

Take it or Leave it (White)

You’ve worked hard to become the woman you are today. You’ve spent years focusing on improving yourself and becoming the very best. Your work isn’t done, but you have reached a place where others’ opinion of you no longer define you. Keep growing. Keep striving!

"You Make it Work" Earrings

Earrings for women bold enough to live outside the box!

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Client Feedback


I LOVE these earrings. They’re not only beautiful. I get so many compliments when I wear them, but they are a reminder for me to live outside the box - be authentically me. Highly recommend this brand!


This is an amazing brand honestly. My order was delivered quickly and was packaged very nicely. The earrings I got were stunning and bold might I add. I love it 🥰

Nickisha P.

I love my beautiful You Make it Work Earrings. Everytime I am wearing them, I received some many compliments. Thanks!. Highly recommend you buy a pair and many more from Cozirose.


So unique and cute! They are definitely a statement piece. They are a little heavy, but comfortable. Recommed seller.

Dominique N.